Support The San Diego Gay Men's Chorus

Why should YOU support the San Diego Gay Men’s Chorus?

Thanks to donors like you, the world-famous San Diego Gay Men’s Chorus has been able to reach out into the San Diego community like never before with our uplifting message of love and acceptance. We are singers on a mission—every day we are changing hearts and minds—making a positive, joyful and lasting impact on our community. As our re-opening continues, we are excited for what the future will bring.

Your support through the lockdown of 2020 and 2021 has allowed us to remain active in the community in new ways, including our virtual concert performances, guest appearances at virtual events, and carefully controlled soloist appearances at selected live events. The arts were hit very hard during the pandemic: they were one of the first industries to close and they will be one of the last to re-open. Our first live performance on stage since the lockdown happened in December 2021, two years since our last concert performance. Your support is more important now than ever. Please support SDGMC so we can provide a safe and welcoming space for our singers and bring the gift of song back to all of you!

The San Diego Union-Tribune has named us “San Diego’s Gay Ambassadors.” That’s because our members make up San Diego’s most active and visible gay organization. Every time we sing in a neighborhood, on stage or at a city event; new people—of all ages, beliefs and backgrounds—are introduced to the gay community.

As friends and supporters of the Chorus, you know the arts is a crucial and important part of our healing as a community as we emerge from the past two years of the pandemic. SDGMC will continue to support our community and fulfill our mission as we rebuild our organization to address the needs of the future. 

The need for our voices in song is greater than ever. As San Diego’s gay ambassadors, we will continue to be there for you and with you.