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Want to Sing?

Thank you for your interest in joining the San Diego Gay Men’s Chorus. There are many ways to contribute to our organization including as a singer, dancer, or behind-the-scenes volunteer.
Please take a few minutes to review the additional details using the dropdown menus below. A link to our online audition form is at the bottom of this page.
You must fill out an audition form for consideration. Your audition form will be kept on file, and we will follow up with you in the weeks before Info Night and auditions with more information and how to schedule a specific audition time slot.
This is an exciting time to join the San Diego Gay Men’s Chorus! If you are also an alumnus of the Chorus and have not been back since the COVID-19 pandemic, we welcome you to come back and audition!
Questions about auditions? Contact us at

We are a TTBB choral group, but we welcome and celebrate cisgender women, trans, non-binary and other gender fluid people who seek to join us on our social justice campaign for LGBTQIA+ equality through song. Respect and inclusion are important to us.

We sing in a broad range of styles, and welcome singers from the widest possible range of cultural backgrounds. You’ll be in good company even if you’ve sung only karaoke, gospel music, musical theater or classical music before.

SDGMC auditions only take about 10 minutes, and are as relaxed, friendly, and informal as we can make them, all in a supportive, respectful, and encouraging atmosphere. Current members will also be available to answer any questions you have. Our main goal is that you should leave feeling you’ve done your best.

We are looking for some combination of:

  • A passion for singing
  • A good TTBB voice
  • Musical skills
  • Openness, teamwork and a pleasant personality
  • Some level of music reading skill, and/or a good musical memory
  • Availability for rehearsals
  • A commitment to our social justice mission, essentially campaigning for LGBTQIA+ equality through song.

Some in the group are highly politically motivated while others just want to sing. Some are joining because they are making a new start in their lives. Whatever your reasons, we can guarantee you’ll find people in the chorus who share your interests, and voices with whom you can blend.

Joining the chorus involves making a real commitment. We have high standards, and we work hard because it is more satisfying and fun to sing well, and we need to represent our community with pride. In return you become a part of a vibrant and diverse community and join us as we campaign for LGBTQIA+ equality

**We have provided some tips below to help you do the very best you can. Read them carefully!**

The word “audition” sounds a little scary . . . think of it more as a chance to introduce yourself to the chorus and for the chorus to get to know you and your vocal abilities.

Before you go in, you may have already filled out an online form. Even so, we might ask you to fill out some additional paperwork. We get a LOT of auditionees, so we will also take your picture, which we use strictly internally to identify you as you go through the process. We will not share it.

The audition itself usually goes like this:

1) A Brief Chat: Once you get in the room, we will begin with a brief chat, introduce ourselves and share our pronouns, get to know who you are and ask if you feel comfortable sharing your preferred gender pronouns, the kinds of singing you’ve done before, and what brings you to us. If you are comfortable, please let us know if there have been any changes in your voice in recent years that we should take into account as we listen. For example, our Artistic Team has experience working with individuals with older voices, and those whose voices are changing.

It is our goal to make SDGMC open and accessible to all auditionees to join us in signing with excellence. If you would like to request a reasonable accommodation for the audition process and/or ask any questions about accessibility in the audition process or as a potential future member of the Chorus, please note this in the “Tell Us About You” question of the online audition form, or email us at:

2) Range exercises: We will take you through some simple exercises to determine your range and to which voice section you might be assigned.

  • Be prepared to sing across your full range. We need to find out the highest and lowest notes you can safely sing to put you in the part of the group where you will feel most comfortable. We will also be listening for the area of your voice where it sounds fullest.

3) Your Song: You will sing a brief excerpt from your prepared solo. 30 seconds is fine, and we may stop you once we have heard what we need.

Prepare this thoroughly before you arrive, so you can be as relaxed and confident as possible in your audition. No, really – prepare!

– Choose and prepare a 30 second snippet of a piece that you know well and that shows off your voice at its very best.

– You can sing a cappella (alone), or you can sing with accompaniment. If you decide to sing with accompaniment, you have a couple of options:

  • You can bring sheet music with you. If so, check it is in the correct key. We have limited time, so mark it up. Prepare the page, and avoid complex page turns, so our pianist can do their best for you right away.
  • You can sing to a recorded track. Bring your own phone and Bluetooth speaker with you. Check both are working well and batteries are charged before you get into the room. Set up your phone ahead of time, so you can go straight into the song.

4) Listening and sight-reading exercises: The audition will finish with a brief set of exercises to test your listening skills and ability to read music. We may also do a group exercise to see how you sound with others.

Don’t panic if you can’t read music or are feeling rusty. Reading music is not an essential part of being in the group. You can still get in if other skills are strong, such as learning quickly by ear. We sing from memory in performance, after all, but sight reading skill helps.

What happens afterwards: We will be in touch by phone or email within a few days to let you know the outcome. On the assumption that you do make it in, please keep your Monday evenings free and watch your email for details of what happens next. If you don’t, please consider trying again in the future.

Regular rehearsals are usually held weekly on Monday evenings from 7pm-10pm at UCC Church, 3900 Cleveland Avenue in Hillcrest, except in weeks where holidays or events occur on Mondays (for example Juneteenth and MLK day). Full day rehearsals generally occur on Saturdays every six weeks during the concert rehearsal period, during which we polish songs and add choreography and staging. There are also two sectionals in every concert period, where you can get extra help on the parts you find hardest. There will also be mid-week rehearsals in the final week before a show. Members are allowed up to 3 absences per concert and can make up absences by attending extra rehearsals.

Dues are $75 for each four-month concert period for singing members. There are no dues for non-singing members. Singers are responsible for purchasing their own attire, including a tuxedo. Other expenses may include out of town events such as retreats, joint concerts, and festivals. Limited financial assistance is available, so please don’t let finances keep you from singing. Singers who receive financial assistance will qualify based on tenure and their willingness to pay back their financial assistance by volunteering to help with other tasks during the concert preparation period.

If you prefer to volunteer behind the scenes, please consider joining our Operations Team. No audition is required, and we are welcoming Operations team volunteers for our holiday concert. This is a great way to get introduced to the Chorus and be a part of the Chorus family! You may volunteer at any time during the year by contacting the Chorus Office at +1 (619) 432-2244. The Operations Team is vital to the success of the Chorus and helps during rehearsals, events and concert production.

The Chorus continues to review and update its protocols and policies regarding COVID-19 and other respiratory / infectious diseases that can disrupt our rehearsal and performance schedules. For anyone wanting to audition to join the chorus, we do require the following:

  • Proof of vaccination for the COVID-19 virus, including a first COVID booster shot. Everyone will be required to show their vaccination record or a doctor’s excuse for not having to receive a first booster.
  • Current COVID booster shots are recommended but not required.

The most current protocols will be reviewed at Info Night.

You may complete an audition form, but please note that we will not get back to you until such a time when auditions are scheduled again. You may be asked to complete a form again at that time.